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Handoff Probability Analysis of GSM Cellular Network

S. Sateesh, M. N. V. S. S. Kumar, M. Bala Krishna, V. Laxmi


Due to the increase in popularity of wireless networks, there is a need of combining various heterogeneous networks to provide global information access to the user. Vertical handoff is an exciting and a latest scheme that intends at combining different network interfaces. The most decisive parameter which plays an important role in certain mobile nodes is battery power. Due to the complexity of vertical handoff algorithms previously developed, the battery power of certain mobile nodes is almost exhausted at the end of execution of algorithm. Moreover, as mobile nodes operate with limited battery power, when battery level falls below a specific level, handing off to a network with low power consumption can provide extended usage time. Thus there is a necessity to develop a vertical handoff algorithm with minimum complexity. In this paper, a new vertical handoff algorithm is developed which aims at taking an optimal handoff decision using two simple steps. Unlike the previous developed algorithms, this algorithm discriminates resource rich and resource poor mobile stations during the execution of the algorithm. Due to the consideration of dynamic new call blocking probability during handoff decision, this algorithm helps in connecting to the optimal network in the vicinity of the mobile station.


Handoff, Received Signal Strength, Call Dropping Probability

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