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Wireless Sensor Network in the Internet of Things and the Age of Cloud Computing

Uranus Kazemi


In the past, by observing many changes of topology, including the transition from the analog to the digital age and from centrally wired solutions to pervasive wireless systems. In particular, the advent of low-cost, low-power transceivers, along with the development of compact, open-standard stacks, has enabled Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) that are accepted for home, office, and industrial surveillance applications. The ambitious goal of sampling, collecting, and analyzing every piece of information around us is to improve the efficiency of production and to optimize the use of optimal resources. Is. As a result, the vast amount of information that is generated can be effectively controlled using cloud 2 services, such as flexible hardware and software frameworks that can perform computing as a service. Or has been adopted against WSN technologies that offer their extension to existing cloud services.


Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IOT), Platform Design, Architecture.

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