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Wireless Network

N. Abirami, J. Jensun Nova, S. Raja Pranesh, S. Ranjithkumar


Wireless communication is the one the fastest way to transfer data from one place to another. This paper is targeted on preceding function of wireless communication. Wireless communication is the process of transferring     data from one place to another     without the use of cable. They are freedom from wired electromagnetic waves. This paper discus about typical frequency. radio transmission and microwave transition     is the some of the wireless transition. Working professional can work   and access data anytime and anywhere with the use of wireless communication. The only one solution where   cable where unable to install was wireless communication. They are cheaper and easy to maintain. Current wireless system are cellular system, wireless LANs, satellite system, paging system, PANS (Bluetooth). This paper explains about the mobile radio communication. Satellite system is global coverage and it is optimized for good transmission. Paging system broadcast for small messages and it is simply terminal.

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