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A Survey on Reactive Adhoc Routing Protocols in MANET Networks

Vishal Sharma, Mandip Kaur, Vijay Banga, Harsukhpreet Singh


Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs), a rapidly
deployed wireless network that uses multi-hop routing instead of static network infrastructure to provide network connectivity, have received increasing research attention in recent years because of its vast applications in dynamic military and civilian systems. Variations with time in network topology impose new challenges for routing protocols in such networks as traditional routing protocols are not suitable for
MANETs. Researchers are working together to design a new improved routing protocol by comparing and improving existing MANET‟s routing protocols before any routing protocol is standardized. In this paper, an effort has been made to ascertain the comprehensive performance evaluation of three commonly used mobile ad-hoc routing protocols such as Dynamic Source Routing (DSR), Temporally ordered routing algorithm (TORA) and Adhoc On-demand Distance-Vector Protocol (ADOV). Our works reports that the performance of different routing protocols varies according to
different application situations as AODV performs better than TORA in high mobility situation while DSR outperforms in less stressful situations.


AODV, DSR, MANET, TORA,data-intensive multimedia,mobile telephone communications

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