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Internet Connectivity in Mobile Ad Hoc Network Using MPRAODV Routing Protocol

M. Geetha, Dr.R. Umarani


Mobile node is a collection of mobile nodes which
forms a temporary network. Some of the nodes in an ad hoc network may want access to an external network, such as internet. Different mechanisms have been proposed to integrate MANETs and the Internet[10][11]. These mechanisms are differing based on gateway discovery mechanism, and Adhoc routing protocol[13][16]. When MANET is connected to the Internet, it is important for the mobile nodes to detect an available gateway providing an access to the Internet. The objective of this paper is based on Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) routing protocols used in gateways. AODV[1] is one of the most popular routing protocols for ad-hoc networks; it uses the flooding technique for locating the destinations, and gateway, possibly cause an overhead in the network. To overcome this problem we have introduced the MPR (Multi Point Relay) algorithm [2][9] in the AODV protocol in order to reduce the number of messages broadcasted during the flooding phase and also the MPRAODV protocol uses the hybrid approach to find out the gateway[14][15]. The extended AODV (MPRAODV) using MPR
reduces the overhead and enhances the packet delivery performance.


MANET, AODV, MPR, Gateway, Adhoc Internet Connectivity.

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