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Secure Key Distribution for Large and Dynamic Multicast Groups

G. Murali, G. Gurivi Reddy, Y. Srinivasulu, N. Priyanka


To provide security in multicasting groups which is
one of most challenging issue in network security and these are the vulnerable attacks. In large multicasting groups the addition and deletion process are occur alternatively which makes to provide security. In the literature, the most of the proposed schemes are suffered from collision problems, scalability problems and 1-affectall problems. Group key should be changed and distributed efficiently
and securely within the function, whenever function lists changes. The key-distribution (KD) problem is one of the main role in large groups. Efficient key distribution is one of the solutions in large multicast groups. In this paper, an efficient security to the group key is involved in large multicasting groups than the previously developed. A hierarchal tree is proposed here with each node as
group member. The main advantages of this approach are less storage of keys for each member function, the sponsor node selection can be reduced during addition and deletion which takes less computations and the tree size is minimum than the previous methods.


Hierarchal Tree, Key Distribution, Large Multicast Groups, Security.

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