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End to End Security for Mobile Application

G. Murali, C. Adi Pavan Kumar Redddy, G.V.N. Swetha, P. Bharath Kumar


Today many transactions and information exchange
are being carried out using mobile devices and mobile networks. This leads to transfer of real or perceived value in exchange for information, services, or goods. Security is an essential and important factor for various transactions Sensitive data from a mobile application needs to be delivered to the server carefully without being disclosing the data to other parties. In this paper, an end-to-end
application-layer security solution for mobile devices using the Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME) is proposed. The proposed solution uses pure Java components to provide end-to-end client authentication and data confidentiality between wirelesses clients (mobile devices) and servers. Rijndael is used for encryption and SHA1 is used for calculating the message digest. This solution can be implemented with limited resources of a mobile device. There is no need of modifying the underlying protocols or wireless network infrastructure. . We develop a mobile application to check our solution. The mobile application connects to the server and exchanges data with the server. The data sent to the server is encrypted using a key and the server having the same key uses it for decrypting the data and getting the original data. In this paper, we provide a solution for mobile client authentication with the server and confidentiality of data. The mobile application can be run on a Java
compatible phone with GPRS facility, so that it can connect to the server.


J2ME, Rijndael, SHA1, MIDP1,Authentication,wireless system communication

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