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TARF-Prevention from Adverseries of Multihop Routing in WSN

Aathira Jayan, K. Divya, R. Divya, R. Geetha


Wireless sensor network plays major role in military surveillance, nuclear power plants, and forest fire detection. Many routing techniques and cryptographic methods were applied to secure the network, which proved inefficient in practice. Data is transmitted from source to destination either by single hop or multihop routing. In this paper the threats that are encountered while using multi hop routing in WSN is discussed. The attacks were mainly due to the identity of nodes a this paper deals majorly with sink hole attack, wormhole and Sybil attacks. To overcome these attacks due to deception, a protocol named TARF, trust aware routing protocol framework is implemented. It is considered to be an energy efficient and trust worthy protocol. The resilience of this protocol is evaluated through empirical experiments and simulations on large WSN under various network conditions. TARF produces less overhead in the network.TARF proves to be more effective in securing network by identifying the malicious nodes and by preventing it to be used while transmission of data


Wireless Sensor Network, Multihop Routing, Sink Hole, Wormhole Attacks

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