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Implementation of Spectrum Sensing Techniques Using GNU Radio and Universal Software Radio Peripheral

Harpal Singh Grewal, R. S. Bhadade, Dr. Srinivas P. Mahajan, Sahejpal Singh Grewal, Prasad Khake, Nikhil Nigam


Cognitive Radio (CR) is a solution to the growing issue of spectrum scarcity and radio resource management. A CR exploits underutilized spectrum. It senses the spectrum for occupancy by the licensed users, also called as primary users and transmits its data only when the spectrum is sensed to be available. For the efficient utilization of the spectrum while also guaranteeing adequate protection to the licensed user from harmful interference, the receiver should be able to sense the spectrum for primary occupancy accurately. In this paper, different varieties of spectrum sensing techniques are presented and assessed. After studying and comparing them, two spectrum sensing techniques viz. Energy Detection and Matched Filter were selected. These two methods are implemented using a GNU Radio and using Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP). Integration of Spectrum Sensing techniques with wireless standards such as IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.22 will result in effective spectrum utilization.


GNU Radio, USRP, Spectrum Detection, Cognitive Radio, Energy Detection, Matched Filter.

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