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A Survey on Security Issues and Challenges in Wireless Sensor Networks

A. P. Thangamuthu, G. Vadivel, A. Priyadharshini


The Wireless Sensor Network is defined as a network of devices that can be accessed from the tracked field through wireless connections. Data is transmitted through multiple terminals, and data is connected to other networks such as wireless Ethernet, with a gateway. Today's wireless communications technology is an important tool in any use that requires communication between one or several senders and recipients. Security is important when delivering information on the network, security is considered to be the most challenging task in WSN as its tough to keep a watch on the sensor nodes/network every time. But it must be secured to prevent an intruder from attacking the transmission of data.


Wireless, Sensor, Devices, Communication, Links, Nodes, Gateway, Ethernet, Sender, Receiver

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