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Improvement of Slotted Patch Antenna Performance for Biomedical Applications

D. Ram Charan, B. Akhil, S. Dinesh, J.N.V Sivani, Ratna Kumari Upadhyayula


Patch antenna finds enormous applications in present time as it has lot of advantages. The main advantages are it can be directly printed on the circuit boards, it is in expensive, it can be designed in different shapes, can be designed with less weight and size also. If slots are considered in the patch antenna, then the parameters of the antenna like VSWR and Return loss are still more improved. In the present paper patch antenna resonating at bio medical applications (2.45 GHz) with single slot and multiple slots are considered. The performance characteristics are compared with the regular micro strip patch antenna resonating at same 2.45 GHz.


Implantable Antennas, Biomedical Applications, HFSS, Slotted Patch Antenna.

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