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Quadra Square Edge Slotted Miniaturized Microstrip Patch Antenna for Multiband Wireless Applications

A. Beno, Dr.D.S. Emmanuel


A miniaturized microstrip patch antenna with quadra square slots and single triangular slot is proposed for multiband operation. The antenna is designed with FR4 (εr = 4.4), height 1.6mm and dimensions 67mm x 67mm. The electrical length (λo/2) of the antenna is considerably reduced with slots on the patch making the antenna to resonate in three different frequencies from 1.37 GHz to 2.29 GHz, 3.3 to 3.6, 5.1 to 5.8 GHz with return loss of -28 dB, -36 dB, and -17 dB showing good impedance matching. The antenna operates in all the operating bands with a maximum gain of 5.285 dB and varying between 3.1 to 5.285 dB in all the bands of operation satisfying broad bandwidth and radiation characteristics required for wireless applications like GPS, GSM, and WLAN.


Miniaturized, Microstrip Patch, Slotted, Multiband, Wireless Applications

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