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LERMP: A Secure Location Based Efficient Multipath Routing Protocol

Rajan Gandhi, Dr. Prasanna Joeg


In wireless communication and mobile Ad hoc network mainly concern with security. In MANETs anonymous routing protocol available which should be provide anonymity for route, source, and destination. So LEMRP hides the route of communication from outside observer and gives anonymity protection from malicious node. There is much protocol available which does not provide anonymity. So we developed secure location based efficient multipath routing protocol which provides anonymity for source, destination and route. This protocol select random node as a next hop. Previous anonymity protocol relies on Hop by Hop encryption and redundant traffic. So it generates high cost for communication and takes long time for communication. LERMP send multi packet through multiple path and   dynamically doing partition of network into zone and choose random node in that zone which make anonymous route between source and destination. We also gave solution of wormhole attack. Experimental results exhibit consistency with the theoretical analysis, and show that LEMRP achieves better route anonymity protection and lower cost compared to anonymous routing protocol with wormhole attack.


Mobile Ad Hoc Network, Anonymity, Hop by Hop Encryption, Multipath, Wormhole Attack

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