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Secure and Scalable Sensor Data Access Network with Delay Tolerance

P. Saranya, Dr. R. S. Ponmagal


One of the open problems in (Wireless Sensor Networks) WSN environment is security of sensor data. It is due to malicious nodes. In WSN environment there is no continuous network connectivity. The possibility of messages being successfully transmitted is very limited. In this paper a design was developed to validate a dynamic trust management (DTM) using two way handshaking for secure optimization in WSN environment. The generated data of WSN is to be collected in a secure, efficient and scalable manner if the information is lost then there is no need for the source to transmit the message again. During the transfer of packets from one node to another there is intermediate node storage facility which allows the packet information to be stored in previous node itself. This will facilitate the packets to be send without any loss of data in WSN.The privacy preservation of the data will also be ensured. And this will improve the overall security of the proposed system.


Design and Validation, Dynamic Trust Management, Sensor Data, Wireless Sensor Networks.

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