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A Survey: Whale Optimization Algorithm for Route Optimization Problems

Himani Yadav, Dr. Umesh Lilhore, Nitin Agrawal


This work presents wireless optimization with the help of a Meta heuristic algorithm from the group of swarm algorithms named as Whale Optimization Algorithm (WOA). It is a multi-objective algorithm that can be used in solving more than one problem. This algorithm copies the hunting behaviour of the one of the whale species named as humpback whale. Whale optimization algorithm copies the spiral net technique, in which the whale creates a spiracle net of bubbles for encircling the pray and then find the prey either randomly or whale have to apply best find strategy to find the moving prey. This algorithm can be used in many fields like ad-hoc, wireless network, power electronics, and classical engineering problems. But here in this paper it is going to apply on route finding Problem in wireless network. Where the wireless network require to find the location of moving device and also needed to find the optimal path from one device to another for data delivery. In such type of problems Whale optimization algorithm can produce batter results then tradition algorithm.


Ad hoc Network, Meta Heuristic, Swarm Techniques, Whale Optimization

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