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Determining the Level of ICT Skills of Junior High School Faculty of Tagumpay National High School

Daniel A. Dapitan, Dennis G. Caballes


Information and communication technology are now on its way in engulfing the nature of work in 21st century era. Teaching nowadays is coupled with the skills in ICT. Clerical processes such as printing, typing, installing, sending reports, making presentations, computing grades and others are teaching related job. These processes require ICT skills enabling teachers to adapt to the changing context of teaching-learning process. This research endeavor aimed to find out the level of ICT skills of the Junior High School Faculty of Tagumpay National High School. The study utilized mixed method design. Descriptive-Correlation was used in getting the level of ICT skills and its relationship and qualitative design to get the perception of respondents in terms of human relations. Mean, Standard deviation, frequency percentage and eta correlation and pearson r were the statistical tools utilized in this research. The study revealed that most of the respondents are belong to age range from 25-29. The highest educational attainment of respondents is Master’s degree and most of them have master’s unit. The respondents’ level of basic hardware and software skills is excellent. It also showed that there is no significant relationship between the profile and teachers’ basic and software skills. With the correlation coefficient value of 0.777 and sig value of 0.000 in terms of relationship of basic hardware and software skills signifies that there is high correlation and significant relationship. With respect to developing human relations, ICT can be an avenue to communicate and collaborate between colleagues and it. ICT tools must not be used only for teachers’ clerical work, it should be integrated on the teaching learning process to maximize the ICT skills of teachers.


ICT Skills, Human Relations, Software, Hardware, Tools.

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