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ECG Transmission through Wireless Technique and its Analysis using LabVIEW

S. Vivekanandan, K. Deepa, M. Deepa


Telemedicine is one of the rapidly developing fields nowadays. Hence remote monitoring of patients plays a vital role in faster diagnosis and treatment. In this paper we discuss about the development of a wireless ECG transmission and analysis system. Here continuous monitoring of the patient’s ECG signal is carried out with the help of wireless techniques such as ZigBee and Bluetooth. These wireless techiniques enables the doctor to monitor the patient from a remote place. In this paper we discuss about two different wireless techniques namely ZigBee and Bluetooth and compare their performance efficiency. The signal obtained is then amplified and filtered. The analog output from the signal conditioning circuit is converted into digital form by a microcontroller. The digital data is then sent to the wireless module via UART communication. The ECG data obtained in the receiver end is analyzed using LabVIEW. The analysis involves, determining the heart rate of the person and displaying the results.


Bluetooth, LabVIEW, Telemedicine, ZigBee.

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