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Hybrid Cooperative Caching Strategy in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

S. Punitha, S. Thompson


In this paper we propose a Novel scheme Hybrid Cooperative (HC) based on two cooperative caching Schemes DataCache and PathCache. In ad hoc networks, the movement of mobile hosts occurred frequently and may cause disconnection and the final result will lead to network division. A common technique used to improve the performance of data access is caching.  HC Scheme adjusts itself to the ad hoc network environment to provide best cache performance. It works to overcome the demerits of DataCache and PathCache schemes. It works based on different factors like cache size, size of the data, node density, Consistency of data based on TTL. As a part of Cache management a Cache Replacement Policy FDS which is based on the frequency of the data used , Distance of the data and Size of the data has been developed. Simulation results shows that HC scheme achieves significant improvement in terms of average delay when compared to other caching schemes.


Ad-hoc Networks, Cache Management, Cache Replacement Policy, Data Dissemination.

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