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Ca-LEACH: aCommunication Controlling Agent Based Low Energy Adaptive ClusteringHierarchy Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network

Ajay Jangra, Amisha Dhiman


Energy efficiency is a major concern in designing a protocol for WSN. Clustering sensor nodes is an important and effective way of achieving this goal. However LEACH is an elegant example of clustered based structure which uses TDMA based MAC protocol for preserving energy still it has some drawbacks. One of the main drawback is it has no optimal data aggregation technique and it provides no reliability in terms of data transportation. Better data aggregation technique may reduce the overall energy dissipation for a cluster in LEACH as battery consumption is important fact taken to be in consideration which is a scarce resource and can‟t replace further in the network after battery loss. By introducing role of controlling agenta novel protocol Ca-LEACH is developed which basically relies on two main factors i.e. reliability in terms of all data packet delivery and energy efficiency which is based on optimal data aggregation technique which helps to reduce the energy dissipation and reducing delay in terms of data delivery to BS. MATLAB simulation shows that considering controlling agent for selection of CH and for measuring packet loss ratio in between the communication path of each CH to BS provides a significant way to reduce the energy consumption and reliability in the network.


WSN, Energy Efficiency, Reliability, Clustering, LEACH, Communication Controlling Agent (Ca), MATLAB

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