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Performance Analysis of Cassandra With Regards To Cryptography Technique

Trupti Bhushan Bhosale, Girish Potdar


The fast development and use of Internet, like the social networks, has to handle huge amounts of data. The social networks example the Facebook required high availability and scalability, billions of writes/hour and high write throughput. RDBMS does not support such features. To solve this problem of processing and storing large amounts of data robustly and efficiently, various kinds of distributed database systems have been developed and designed. Cassandra database has the features to handle very large amount of data. As Cassandra stores sensitive data, the security and management of data is important.

This paper gives comparative performance analysis of Cassandra with regards to encryption standards asymmetric and symmetric considering various parameters such as Write Time, Read Time and Throughput. Experiments are performed for analyzing the performance of Cassandra with regards to symmetric algorithm and asymmetric algorithm.


Asymmetric Algorithm, Symmetric Algorithm, Cassandra.

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