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A Framework for Integrated Routing, Scheduling and Traffic Management in MANETs

S. Allwin Devaraj


A rapid growth in the field of mobile computing is due to the proliferation of inexpensive, widely available wireless devices. MANETs (Mobile Ad hoc Networks) is an autonomous collection of mobile devices (laptops, smart phones, sensors etc.,) that communicates with each other over wireless links and cooperates in a distributed manner to provide the network operation with an absence of a fixed infrastructure. In this paper, we present a routing protocol called Scheduling and Traffic Management in flow ordered Routing Meshes for the operation of such mobile ad hoc network. It uses cross layer approach and here each node acts as a router. It provides loop free routes and fast way to repair routes, because they have extra path and used in whenever link failure occur. Bandwidth and Delay guarantee are achieved on as per hop and end to end basis. The performance analysis shows that compared to AODV for Unicast routing, STORM attains better improvement in case of parameters like Energy consumption, Delay, Packet delivery ratio and Packet lost. 


Routing, Scheduling, Traffic Management, MANETs

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