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Mitigation of ICI in High Mobility OFDM Systems Using Polynomial Windowing

Waleed Abdel Shafi, Mohamed Ali Aboul-Dahab


In this paper, a time domain self cancellation technique is presented based upon windowing technique used to convert rapidly varying channels into equivalent channels that are almost time invariant channels. The proposed technique outperforms many different techniques in inter-carrier interference (ICI) power reduction, and hence better improvement in bit error rate (BER) performance is achieved. The theoretical ICI power and BER performance using the proposed polynomial window shape are investigated and validated by simulation results. These results prove that the proposed technique achieves near cancellation of ICI and the BER approaches that of an ICI free OFDM system even at high normalized Doppler shift much greater than 20%.


Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM), Time-Varying Channel, Inter-Carrier Interference (ICI), Franks Window.

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