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A Secure Intrusion Detection System in MANET by Adopting SEAACK and Hybrid Authentication Techniques

M. Kiruthiga, M. Islabudeen


Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is a self configuring infrastructure less network of mobile devices connected by wireless. It includes some features like distributed operation, dynamic network topology etc. Though it has the above features, it is weaker in security. Here protection of routing information is critical. This open medium and wide distribution of nodes make MANET vulnerable to malicious attackers. Although Enhanced Adaptive Acknowledgement (EAACK) is already implemented, it consists of less malicious behaviour detection rates, did not have any preventive measure to avoid forged acknowledgment attacks, to minimize the network overhead, and to eliminate the requirement of pre distributed keys. So it is a proposal to implement         1) new intrusion-detection system named Secure Enhanced Adaptive Acknowledgment (SEAACK) to demonstrate higher malicious behaviour detection rates with digital signature to prevent forged acknowledgment attacks and        2) adopting hybrid cryptographic techniques to reduce the network overhead caused by digital signature and also avoiding collision attacks using SHA-3.


Mobile Ad hoc Network, Digital signature, Secure Enhanced Adaptive Acknowledgement (SEAACK), SHA-3, DSA.

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