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Energy and Trust based Stable Routing for Heterogeneous Multihop Wireless Networks

M. Babiya, M. Divya, K. Nithya


In multihop wireless networks, when a mobile node needs to communicate with a remote destination, it relies on the other nodes to relay the packets. Multihop packet transmission can extend the network coverage area using limited power and improve area spectral efficiency. Some nodes may break routes because they do not have sufficient energy to relay the source nodes packets and keep the routes connected. Randomly selecting the intermediate nodes for sending data degrade the routes stability. We propose TEAR (Trust-based and Energy Aware Routing) combines payment and trust systems. The payment system rewards the nodes that relay others packets and charges those that send packets. The trust system evaluates the nodes competence and reliability in relaying packets in terms of multi dimensional trust values. TEAR can stimulate the nodes not only to relay packets, but also to maintain route stability and report correct battery energy capability.

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