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A New Method to Cooperative Black and Gray Hole Attack Detection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Dr.V. Anuradha, K.T. Saranya


The Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) is an autonomous system of mobile nodes. It is more contrast from surviving networks by the fact that they do not depends on static infrastructure. A review on a various types of coordinated attack namely gray hole attack and black hole attack in MANET using reactive routing protocol which are most serious threats in mobile ad hoc network. Due to gray hole attack and black hole attack in the network there is an impact on the different performance metrics of the network such as throughput, packet delivery ratio and normalized routing load. In cooperative blackhole attack more than one node collude to each other hence this attack is more challenging to identify. A gray hole is a node that selectively drops and forwards data packets after advertises itself as having the shortest path to the destination node in response to a route request message. This work presents a modified AODV to eliminate the blackhole / grayhole attack from the network.


Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Black Hole Attack, Gray Hole Attack, Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector, Modified AODV.

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