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DT-CWT Based Image Fusion Algorithm for Multi-Camera Imaging System

Hitesh Domadia, Vibha Gupta


In this paper we proposed an Image Fusion Algorithm for Multi-Camera Imaging System. Image Fusion is a subfield of image processing which is a process of combining the relevant information from a set of images, into a single image,wherein the resultant fused image will be more informative and complete than any of the input images. A novel image fusion method is proposed in this thesis. In which multi camera images are fused. Multi-camera images are the same images captured by different camera. The focus of this paper is to develop a new algorithm to fuse a visual image and a corresponding IR image or CT AND MRI image for such a concealed weapon detection, and Medical application. The fused image obtained by the proposed algorithm will maintain the high resolution of the visual image incorporate any single image. The feasibility of the proposed fusion technique is tested and demonstrated by some experimental results in form of visual and mathematical output.


DT-CWT, Filter Bank, Image Fusion, Multi-Camera Imaging

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