Vol 4, No 14 (2012)

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A Imperative Revise of Categorization of Textures in Images using Attribute Distributions PDF
B. Shadaksharappa, Dr.B.R. Singh 742-747
Analytical Aspects of MRI Denoising using Gaussian Blurred Intensity Averaging Method Disturbed by Random Noise PDF
Ami K. Vibhakar, Mukesh Tiwari, Jaikaran Singh 748-752
Stereo Matching Algorithm Based on Region Construction using Colour Segmentation PDF
Mamta Sharma, Ajay Mittal 753-760
Dynamic Implementation of Video Surveillance Security System a Better Approach PDF
Abraham Mathew, Dr.R. Radhakrishnan 761-764
DT-CWT Based Image Fusion Algorithm for Multi-Camera Imaging System PDF
Hitesh Domadia, Vibha Gupta 765-772
Eye Tracking and Detection by using Template Generation and Parameter based Judgment PDF
Tarun Dhar Diwan 773-775
Localization of Defects in Fabric Imagery Using Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization and Mathematical Morphology PDF
S. Priya, T. Ashok kumar, Varghese Paul, P. Marichamy 776-781
Facial Expressions Recognition Based on ULBP and Edge Map PDF
Vipan Vipan, Amandeep Kaur 782-786
Face Recognition using Gabor Wavelets and LBP PDF
Rupali V. Nilajagi, Manisha R. Ingle 787-791
Implementation of Image in Painting Technique using Different Types of PDEs PDF
Hardik Modi, Dr. Mandar Sahasrabudhe 792-796
Discrete and Stationary Wavelet Decomposition by Enhancing the Image Resolution PDF
Battula.R.V.S. Narayana, K. Nirmala 797-800
Color Image Enhancement using Discrete Wavelet Transform PDF
P.R. Shahane, S.B. Mule, S.R. Ganorkar 801-806
Enhancement in Video Compression Technique using DWT-DCT PDF
Dhaval R. Bhojani, Dr. Ved Vyas Dwivedi 807-811
Leakage Detection on Building Façade using Thermal Image PDF
A. Jasmine Bagban, V.B. Baru 812-818
Semi Quantitative Analysis and Classification of Alzheimer Disease using Positron Emission Tomography Images PDF
Dr.H.N. Suma, Appaji M. Abhishek 819-824

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