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Implementation of Image in Painting Technique using Different Types of PDEs

Hardik Modi, Dr. Mandar Sahasrabudhe


The objective of this paper is to implement image inpainting technique using different types of PDEs. Image Inpainting is a technique of modifying an image in an undetectable form. Its most often used to repair an image, although it can easily be used to remove unwanted objects. The modification of images in a way that is non-detectable for an observer who does not know the original image is a practice as old as artistic creation itself. An effective technique for image inpainting has been developed based on partial differential equation (PDE). Instead of solving the problem in frequency domain, this rather new approach evaluates images in time domain. The basic concept starts from the impression of diffusion as a physical process and draws an analogy between the image inpainting process and the diffusion. Images can be comparable to heat, fluid, and gas which spontaneously move from the area of high concentration to the area of lower concentration. The PDEs operate in much the same way that trained restorers do: They propagate information from the structure around a hole into the hole to fill it in. We have implemented image inpainting technique using Heat Equation, Perona-Malik Equation and Cahn-Hillard Equation and compared generated results.


Image In Painting, Partial Differential Equation (PDE) ,Laplacian Operator, Heat Equation, Perona- Malik Equation, Cahn-Hilliard Equation, Matlab

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