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Enhancement in Video Compression Technique using DWT-DCT

Dhaval R. Bhojani, Dr. Ved Vyas Dwivedi


As the latest era is of multimedia applications for internet, major file transfers on the internet are audio or video files. So the major bandwidth usage of internet connection of any user is by these types of files. To reduce the bandwidth requirement in transferring multimedia files is major challenge now a day. So for this, there must be compression algorithms which can reduce the size of these files. This paper introduces advancement in the video compression technology to improve the compression ratio, without losing much quality of the video. Here the method, we have introduced is much simpler to implement in the practical implementation that small amount of modification in the existing codec can give better results. Here we have implemented the encoder and decoder in the MATLAB platform. The input videos were in uncompressed ‘.avi’ format. The compressed video contains some degradation but has good perceptibility that can be easily visible.


Adaptive Rood Pattern Search (ARPS), Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT), Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT), Group of Pictures (GOP), Run Length Encoding (RLE)

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