Vol 4, No 4 (2012)

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Uterine Fibroid Diagnosis: A Dynamic Approach for Despeckling and Segmentation PDF
M. Selvarani, S. Malarkhodi 167-172
Feature based Obstacle Detection using Phase - based Correspondence Matching and Image Declivity PDF
Surya Kant Singh, Ajay Mittal 173-177
Wavelet based Rotation Invariant Fingerprint Recognition PDF
Suvarna Joshi, Dr. Abhay Kumar 178-181
Adaptive Contrast Enhancement for Medical Image Analysis PDF
C. Berdin, D.S. Maribha, S. Athi Narayana 182-185
Adaptive Two Stage Bilateral Filter for Image Denoising PDF
S.S. Sujith, S Athi Narayanan 186-189
Multimodal Biometric Fusion using Face and Fingerprint PDF
R. Sreejith 190-193
Natural Image Inpainting based on Exemplar Approach PDF
S.M. Naveen Raja, S. Athi Narayanan 194-197
Overlapped Fingerprint Separation and Feature Enhancement using Gabor Filter PDF
R. Prem Ananth, J. Nalini, H.K. Ajai 198-201
Robust Automated License Plate and Character Recognition PDF
M. Ravichandran, S. Sumitha 202-205
Segmentation of GIS Object for Mobile Mapping System PDF
S.V Lingeswaran, S. Muthu Kumar 206-210
Digital Image Compression through Wavelet Transforms PDF
N. Thilagavathi, K. Subramani 211-213
Line Segmentation of Handwritten Kannada Text PDF
K. Indira, Anjali Kulkarni, Dr.S. Sethu Selvi 214-220

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