Vol 4, No 12 (2012)

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Automatic Moving Object Extraction in MPEG Video PDF
K.V.V.S. Gupta, G.N. Satapathi, A. Rajesh, P. Srihari 622-624
Integrated CBIR Using Texture, Fourier Descriptor and Color Histogram PDF
M.H. Saad, H.I. Saleh, H. Konbor, M. Ashour 625-630
Monitoring Growth of Wheat Crop using Digital Image Processing PDF
Anil Kakran, Rita Mahajan 631-635
Face Recognition using Space, Scale and Orientation Domains PDF
Rupali V. Nilajagi, Manisha R. Ingle 636-640
Wavelet based Effective Color Image Compression using Neural Networks and Modified RLC PDF
P. Sreenivasulu, Dr.K. Anitha Sheela, K. Penchalaiah 641-646
Automatic Segmentation of Liver Lesion from Ultrasound Images PDF
V. Ulagamuthalvi, D. Sridharan 647-649
Memory Efficient Image Compression Scheme for Multimedia Sensor Networks PDF
S. Shoba, Y. AsnathVicty Phamila, Dr.R. Amutha 650-655
Binary LBT based Energy Efficient Image Compression for WSN PDF
V. Kumaravel, Y. Asnath Victy Phamila, Dr.R. Amutha 656-660
Segmentation and Classification of Breast Cancer Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy Cytology Images PDF
Amoli D. Belsare, Bhupendra S. Deshmukh 661-667
A New Approach for Security Enhancement of Image Data through Double Encryption PDF
G. Ananthalakshmi, S. Ramamoorthy 668-672
Computer Aided Diagnosis using Alarm Pixel Generation and Region Growing Method PDF
S. Meenalosini, Dr. J. Janet, Dr.E. Kannan 673-677

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