Vol 4, No 10 (2012)

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Low Power, Area Efficient Multiply-Accumulate and its Application to a DTMAC Unit PDF
V. Vimal Raj, C.S. Manikandababu 427-431
Energy-Efficient Arithmetic Applications of CMOS Full-Adders PDF
D. Mathavan, M. Ashokkumar, N. Tamizh Selvan 432-436
Power Efficient Adaptive FIR Filter Design for Low Power DSP Applications PDF
P. Dhanya 437-441
An Extensive I/P Voltage and Fixed Frequency of Single-Stage AC/DC LLC Resonant Converter PDF
P. Ganesh, T. Manokaran, M. Sudha 442-448
Addiction Avoider using Embedded System PDF
R. Srivel, A. Muthu Kumar, R.P. Meenaakshi Sundhari, A. Veeralakshmi 449-452
Application of Coherent De-Dispersion DSP Algorithms in Study of Pulsar Data PDF
B.R. Nayana, S. Madhava Kumar 453-459

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