Vol 2, No 9 (2010)

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Operational Intelligent System for Traffic Congestion Control (VAISTC4) PDF
N. Sudha Bhuvaneswari, S. Sujatha, R. Abhinaya 149-152
Bit Error Rate Analysis of Jamming for OFDM Systems PDF
N. Amutha Prabha, C. Ashwin Kumar, S. Revathi, P. Vighnesh 153-156
Obtaining Reliable Bit Rate Measurements in SNMP-Managed Networks PDF
A. Senthil Kumar, Dr. K.S. Ramaswamy 157-160
Cost of Wheeling and Wheeling Cost Methodologies in Deregulated Electricity Industry PDF
Irinjila Kranthi Kiran, Dr. A. Jaya Laxmi 161-166
Fuzzy Logic PID Control for Automatic Voltage Regulator System PDF
A. Dominicsavio, P. Poongodi, S. Samuel Ebenezer 167-171
Sensitivity of ft to Process Parameter Variation in 30 nm Gate Length FinFETs PDF
K.R. Vishnupriya, B. Lakshmi, R. Srinivasan 172-176
High Speed Area Efficient VLSI Structure for Real Time Image Computing PDF
V. P. Abithamol, E.P. Sumesh, R. Vidhyalavanya 177-181
Analysis of Software Based Self Test Methods for RISC Processor Core PDF
I. Senthil, T. Manigandan 182-186

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