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Capacity Analysis of MIMO-OFDMA based Cellular Relay Networks

P. Rengini, R. Nakkeeran, P. Ranjith


The flexibility in relay networks and Orthogonal
Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) make the
combination a suitable candidate network and air-interface
technology for providing reliable and ubiquitous high-data-rate
coverage in next-generation cellular networks. The Multiple-Input
Multiple-Output based Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple
Access (MIMO-OFDMA) is a promising high rate air interface
technology. It is well known that the capacity and coverage of a
system can be significantly enhanced by employing a proper resource
allocation (RA) scheme. In this paper, we propose an efficient
proportional fair (PF) allocation algorithm for MIMO-OFDMA based
cellular relay networks. This proposed algorithm provides a flexible
subcarrier allocation in order to maximize the system capacity of the
MIMO system. The proposed PF allocation algorithm is also used to
improve the system capacity of the higher orders of the MIMOOFDMA
based cellular relay networks. Numerical results show that,
the proposed algorithm significantly improves the system capacity of
the MIMO-OFDMA based cellular relay networks.


OFDMA, MIMO-OFDMA, Relaying, Resource Allocation, Proportional Fairness.

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