Vol 4, No 2 (2012)

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Capacity Analysis of MIMO-OFDMA based Cellular Relay Networks PDF
P. Rengini, R. Nakkeeran, P. Ranjith 39-43
Development of a Simulation Platform for the Optimization of Fractional-N Phase-Locked Loops for Wireless Applications PDF
Salwa Sahnoun, Ahmed Fakhfakh, Nouri Masmoudi, Hervé Levi 44-52
Correlation-Based Traffic Analysis Attacks on Anonymity Networks PDF
R. Gopinath, J. Balakumar, R. Gnanakumaran, M. Manikandaprabu 53-56
Data Leakage Detection PDF
J. Balakumar, R. Gopinath 57-60
A Survey on Routing and Wavelength Assignment in WDM Optical Networks PDF
G. Karpagarajesh, S. Beril, J. Jasper Sweetlin 61-65
Securing IP Address to Control IP Spoofing PDF
Rainey C. Lal, Mridu Sahu 66-69
Computation of Inverse 1-Center Location Problem on the Weighted Trees PDF
Biswanath Jana, Sukumar Mondal, Dr. Madhumangal Pal 70-75
Improving Security and Efficiency in Attribute-Based Data Sharing PDF
J. Venkata Subramanian, A. Pandian, Manish Kumar 76-83
MODBUS–An Overview and Applications in Automation Supporting ASCII and RTU Mode Transmission PDF
Dr.P.M. Patil, Sameer S. Nagtilak 84-89
A New Architecture and Solution for Web Bulletin Board Security from Spamming Attack PDF
Fouzia Sultana, Dr. Stephen Charles, Dr. A. Govardhan 90-94

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