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A New Architecture and Solution for Web Bulletin Board Security from Spamming Attack

Fouzia Sultana, Dr. Stephen Charles, Dr. A. Govardhan


Spamming is one of the most prominent challenges over the web. It is an event of flooding various website with a sort of data that people would not have otherwise received. Generally spamming is performed in two major ways: Using Automated programs and using Human Spammers. A forum spamming is an issue where either automated programs or human belonging to a spamming society registers itself with various Forums (Web Bulletin Board) and post the same message. This is primarily done for two main purposes: To create back link of a website from numerous websites to increase the search engine ranking of the website and to advertise certain products whose advertisements are refused to be accepted by web audience. In this paper we analyze various security threats and their preventive measures with implication on server and the Bulletin Board itself with the help of real time data from which is a forum running on mybb Bulletin Board. We analyze various threat models and propose a comprehensive model to protect the forum from Spammers. A Php based Modification is developed as anti-spamming measure and integrated with the existing website. Result data shows significant improvement in preventing spam with our algorithm.


Spamming, Web Security, Forum, Back Link, Bulletin Boards, Signature, Captcha, E-Mail.

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