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Bluetooth Wireless Technology-The Art of Networking without Any Networks

R. Bhojray, R.K. Dash, A.K. Pradhan


Bluetooth is an ad hoc wireless technology that allows devices from lots of different manufacturers to communicate with one another when they come into range. Bluetooth is an short-range inexpensive wireless technology that eliminates the need of cabling between devices such as printers, cameras, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and handheld PCs. This paper outlines the recent advances of Bluetooth wireless technology in terms of version, range and data rates. The fundamentals of Bluetooth radio technology, ad-hoc networking, protocol stack and security issues are first introduced. The Bluetooth applications, air interface and the comparison of Bluetooth with other wireless communication technologies are presented in detail.


Bluetooth, Personal Area Networks, Ultra-Wideband (Uwb), Wireless Protocols, Wireless Local Area Networks,

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