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Tracking of Theft Vehicle Using RFID with Rescue Action by 7th Sense Robot

E. Nanda Kumar, K. Rajkumar, T. Vishnu Prabhu


Theft of vehicles has often been in news in any of our residential locations or any parking lot. Statistics say many of the lost vehicles have never been recovered or found by the Police due to the immediate dismantling of their parts. The time taken to register the complaint and subsequent delay in action taking leads to the effect of vehicle being dismantled and sold quickly by the thieves. This leads to a condition that the locomotive can never be found. Since the information regarding the lost vehicle reaches the Police very late, quick action to recover it goes often in vain. Currently, there are many types of equipments in the market which support easy identification of our vehicle. But all these devices prove as a failure when seen from the view of rapidness in operating and also require human operation subsequently, which is very much impossible. Our main objective is to immediately inform the Surveillance Police (a robot is used here) in the area and track the vehicle very soon to recover it through the available modes. The proposed robot is controlled wireless through Zigbee connection protocol.


RFID Tag, Reader, Kill-Switch, PIR Sensor, LDR Sensor, Zigbee

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