Vol 3, No 3 (2011)

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Automatic Control of Hydraulic Machine using PLC PDF
G. Manoranjitha, M. Jagabar Sathik, R. Solairaj 108-118
Study and Analysis of the Slow Moving Inventory Using Second Order Runge–Kutta Method in a Printing and Packaging Industry PDF
V. Govindarajalu, V.S. Senthil Kumar 119-123
Tracking of Theft Vehicle Using RFID with Rescue Action by 7th Sense Robot PDF
E. Nanda Kumar, K. Rajkumar, T. Vishnu Prabhu 124-128
REPM: A Versatile Strategy for Performance Management in Organizations (Undertaken by CSIR, New Delhi) PDF
S. Aruna, C. Subramanian 129-133
UPC: A Fairness Based Paradigm for Cohesive Cadre Management PDF
R. Prabu, G. Saranya 134-138
Preparation and Performance Study of Cottonseed Biodiesel Fuelled in Greaves 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine PDF
L. Saravanakumar, B.R. Ramesh Bapu, B. Durga Prasad 139-146
Novel Materials for Real Time Waste Heat Recovery in the Automobile Mufflers PDF
C. Sathian, M. Valliappan, R. Mithun, M. Meikanda 147-151
A Study on Recent Trends in Photovoltaics and its Various Applications PDF
R. Saravan Khumar, Dr.P. Ravichandran 152-157
Ergonomically Designed Driving System for Two Wheeler PDF
V. Deepan 158-161
Cellular Automata Model for Single Lane Traffic PDF
S. Rajeswaran, S. Rajasekaran 162-167
Recognizing the Structure of Super Strongly Perfect Graphs Using Perfect Graphs and Strongly Perfect Graphs PDF
R. Mary Jeya Jothi, A. Amutha 168-171
Antimagic and Magic Labeling for Cayley Digraphs of Symmetric Group Sn PDF
J. Jayapriya, K. Thirusangu 172-176

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