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Automated Cam Security using Image Comparison

Kunal Mohanty, A. Vimal Kumar, D. Avinash, S. China Venkateshwaralu


In the corporate world, various aspects of security have been changing in the course of time, addressed separately and notably by distinct and often non-communicating departments for IT security and fraud prevention. Today there is a greater recognition of the interconnected nature of security requirements, an approach variously known as holistic security, "all hazards" management, and other terms. Standard (ISO 28000) specifies the requirements for a security management system, including those aspects critical to security assurance for any organization or enterprise wishing to manage the security of the organization and its activities.

AutomatedCamsecurity deals with the real-time surveillance of restricted areas. ACS can reduce the human workload by the concept of image comparison. Initially a reference image would be saved in the database, and then cam will click images in regular interval of time, to compare these with the reference image. If any difference is found in between the compared images, then an alarm is raised to the directive personal regarding the security breach.

The environment in which ACS operates includes highly restricted places like sector7, nuclear research and development centre, bank lockers with high security etc (where human entry is prohibited). ACS can be embedded onto a chip and can be independently used along with a cam. This integrated system can be used to notify us the alerts wirelessly. By using ACS i.e. security through cam would lead work to be minimized at the apex level.


Live Image, Reference Image (Breach Free), Automatic Dispose. ACS – Automated Cam Security.

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