Vol 5, No 2 (2013)

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Renewable Energy System Optimization of Two Different Locations PDF
K. Balachander, Dr.P. Vijayakumar 47-50
Anycast Routing for Reliable Transmission Protocol in Wireless Patient Monitoring System
M. Infanto Hearty Shamirna, M. Subala, V. Muthu 51-55
Broadband through Power Lines PDF
K.N. Saleem 56-63
A Survey on 3D Printing Technologies and Ecology in 3D Printing PDF
S. Rajasulochana, M.R. Raji, M. Sangeetha 64-67
Alert Controlling Structure using Android Hand Held Device PDF
R. Kaviarasi, S. Mohana Priya 68-72
Cultivating Social Presence in the Online Learning Classroom PDF
B. Sivasankari, P. Jeyalakshmi, P. Seethalakshmi, R. Ananthakumar 73-76
Traditional Medicine in India- Health Monitoring System PDF
B. Persis Urbana Ivy, DR.R. Rani Hema Malini 77-81
A Semantic Search Engine using Semantic Similarity Measure Between Words PDF
M. Karthiga, S. Sankarananth 82-86
Privacy Enhancing Technology Selection based on Inagaki‟s Unified Rule of Combination PDF
V.P. Nithya, R. Subha 87-91

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