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Localization and Recognition of Vehicle Number Plate following RTO Standards

S. Preetha, R. Raghavi, Y. Sri Lakshmi, C.T. Kavitha


The purpose of this paper is to build vehicle number plate recognition for intelligent transport system. Number plate localization and recognition is an image processing technology used to identify vehicle by the number plates. that follows the RTO standards. This system is based on image capturing of the particular vehicle whose number plate is to be localized. Then segment the number plate and recognize each character of the number plate from the image by comparing it with standard RTO template emphasized by the government. .Thus the number plate of the vehicle is obtained. This very special technique finds use in social applications like tracking out the vehicle that violates the traffic rules on roads, violating the parking rules and checking at the toll-gates.


Number Plate, Localization, Recognition, Segmentation, Template, RTO Standards.

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