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Cryptography & Steganography

Shibin J Raj, N.Suresh Singh, A.R. Sajeev Ambi, M. Sreelal


Now the days the digital communication is used for transfer the data from one place to another. So it is important that message should keep its secret. In this purpose we have to use any kind of security method. The highly confidential data should keep its secret. It should not be accessed by unauthorized persons. So we have to adopt any kind of security method to send such data on open channels. To send highly confidential data as secure way we can use two methods cryptography and steganography. In cryptography the message is converted into some other gibberish forms, and then the encrypted data sends to destination. In steganography the message is hiding in some media and it is transferred to the destination. Both ensure the security.


Cryptography, Steganography, Cipher Text, Covermedia.

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