Vol 5, No 6 (2013)

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High Secure Authentication System PDF
B. Ashish, R. Muthalagu 203-210
Comparative Survey of Key Management Schemes for Body Area Networks PDF
J. Mohana, V. Thulasibai 211-214
Human Identification by Iris Recognition using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm PDF
M. Benitto Raj, S. JoshuaKumaresan, J. Raja Paul Perinbam 215-220
Automatic Brain Tumor Detection in MR Images using Neural Network Based Classification PDF
C. Ramalakshmi, A. Jaya Chandran 221-225
Seven State HMM-Based Face Recognition System along with SVD Coefficients PDF
C. Anand, R. Lawrance 226-233
Tract & Grid Based Image Authentication PDF
A.R. Sajeev Ambi, N. Suresh Singh, Shibin J Raj, M. Sreelal 234-238
Prediction of Mysterious Results of Dengue Serotypes using Computational Intelligence PDF
K. Aruna Devi, T. Marimuthu, R. Lawrance 239-244
Cryptography & Steganography PDF
Shibin J Raj, N.Suresh Singh, A.R. Sajeev Ambi, M. Sreelal 245-248

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