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Prediction of User Navigation Patterns Using Knowledge from Web Log Data

S. UmaMaheswari, Dr.S.K. Srivatsa


The web access log is the best repositories for the information source. It maintains the entire record of even a tiny low event. The web log updates each time a user starts a new session. Initially the log file contains each and every detail regarding the user, the Ip address, website name, time stamp and other details. The web usage pattern analysis is a method of distinguishing browsing patterns by analyzing the user’s navigation and behaviour. The internet server log files that store the knowledge concerning the guests of internet sites is employed as input for the web usage pattern analysis method. It must to trace the visitors’ on-line behaviors for website usage analysis. This paper reviews the method of Preprocessing that is helpful to take clear web log data from the online server log file. The preprocessed and analyzed results are used in many areas such as net traffic analysis, economical web site administration, website modifications, system improvement and personalization and business intelligence etc.


Web Usage Mining, Web Log Data, Navigation Pattern, Prediction.

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