Vol 3, No 1 (2011)

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Mining Highly Qualitative Multidimensional Association Rules PDF
E. Ramaraj, N. Venkatesan 1-7
To Identify Dynamic Behaviour of Frequent Patterns by Exploiting Timestamps PDF
K. Veningston, Deepa Kanmani, Sreeja.S. Pillai 8-12
Construction of Customized Query Forms for Efficient Retrieval from Database PDF
K. Veningston, Deepa Kanmani, T.M. Nitha 13-17
An Efficient Method of Video Mining to Recognize the Speech of the Video Objects PDF
P. Peer Fatima, M. Parveen, Dr.M. Mohamed Sathik 18-22
Classification in Multiple Heterogeneous Database Relations: A Tuple ID Predication Approach PDF
K. Parish Venkata Kumar, K. Anji Reddy, J. Ravi 23-32
RBAC Framework Based on XACML Policy in WS-BPEL Process PDF
J. Ramkumar 33-38
Customer Segmentation: Using a Comparative Case of Clustering Algorithms PDF
Anjana K. Mahanta, Amar J. Singh, Th. Shanta Kumar 39-44
Support Vector Machine Classification Methods: A Review and Comparison with Different Classifiers PDF
Ankit P. Vaishnav, Amit P. Ganatra, C.K. Bhensdadia 45-52
Scientific Understanding, Comprehensive Evolution and More Informed Evaluation of Various Sequential Pattern Mining Algorithms PDF
Sahista Machchhar, C.K. Bhensdadia, A.M. Ganatra 53-59
Comprehensive Study of Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm and Comparison with Different Clustering Algorithms PDF
Maulik V. Dhamecha, Amit G. Ganatra, C.K. Bhensdadiya 60-66
Protection of Data from a Semi-Honest Party Using Fast Association Rule Hiding PDF
John Blesswin, Cyju Varghese, Navitha Navitha, Sonia Sonia 67-70

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