Vol 3, No 12 (2011)

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Improved K-Means with Dimensionality Reduction Technique PDF
Amit Thakkar, Nikita Bhatt, Amit Ganatra, Arpita Shah 722-725
An Efficient Approach to Detect Road Traffic Risk Analysis Using K-Means Algorithm PDF
A. Gnanabaskaran, Dr. K. Duraiswamy 726-730
An Approach of Using Ontologies in Association Rules Mining PDF
D. Saravana Kumar, N. Ananthi, N. Ananthi, D. Yuvarani 731-736
Business Rule Management Framework for N-Tier E-Business Applications PDF
M. Thirumaran, Dr.P. Dhavachelvan, D. Balraj, R. Odayakumar 737-743
Classifier Selection Model for Network Intrusion Detection Using Data Mining PDF
P. Kavitha, M. Usha 744-748
An Empirical Analysis of Gender Based Choice Criteria in Retail Banking – Among Software Professionals PDF
H. VasanthaKumari, Dr.S. Sheela Rani 749-755
Selecting the Dataset for Classification using Predictive Apriori and Diversity Measures PDF
G. Maragatham, M. Lakshmi 756-760
Sentiment Extraction and Analysis of Product Reviews at Sentence Level PDF
Rajashree Shettar 761-766
Finding Pattern in Medical Database PDF
Dr.V. Karthikeyani, I. Parvin Begum, K. Tajudin, I. Shahina Begam 767-770
Improved K-Means Clustering using Constraints and Centroid Initialization PDF
P. Boopathi 771-775
An Efficient Cancer Classification using Extreme Learning Machine PDF
C. Chandrasekar, P.S. Meena 776-781
An Efficient Initialization Technique for K-Means Clustering using Spectral Biclustering PDF
P. Logeshwari 782-785

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