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Experimental Analysis of BLDC Ceiling Fan for Six and Four Switch Inverter Drives

A. Akilaash, M. R. Cibi, E. R. S. Elangovan, A. Girishankar


A brushless DC (BLDC) motor is a synchronous motor powered by direct current (DC) electricity having an electronics commutation system, instead of a mechanical commutator and brushes. In BLDC motors, current to force and voltage to revolutions per minute have linear relationship. This dimensionality provides a wonderful chance to use the BLDC motor in standard ceiling fans. The BLDC motor will act as another for ancient motors like Brushed DC motor, induction motor, switched reluctance motors etc. it's been found that goodly quantity of power may be saved by substitution the BLDC motor whereas within the place of Induction motor used for the ceiling fans that ends up in the saving of the price of energy generation.

In this paper, we design a four switch inverter drive for the BLDC ceiling fan. Then we look at the working of BLDC fans on six and four switch inverter drives. Then we discuss and compare the six and four switch inverter drives, and end with some suggestions for bringing about an improvement in BLDC ceiling fans.


BLDC-Brushless Direct Current, DC-Direct Current, AC-Alternating Current.

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