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Survey on Automatic Tonic Identification of Indian Art Music

Amrutha N Bhat, Aditya Shrivastava, Nitin Chaudhary, A. Supritha, P. R. Sudha


Music has been at the heart of India and other countries since ancient times. The origins of classical Indian music are very rich. This involves many gharanas and the various types and practices of those gharanas. Indian classical music can be divided into two key sources, including music and styles based on North Indian and South Indian. It becomes extremely difficult to identify and classify a raga without professional and years of practise and in-depth knowledge of the ragas. Hence, we have proposed to build a model that will not only classify and identify an audio clip’s raga but also do the same efficiently for live recorded music. In this literature survey paper, we survey the previously available and existing approaches for automatic tonic identification of Indian Art Music –their methodologies, features, models and techniques used.


Tone, Raaga, Automatic Identification, Music.

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