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Motion Based Home Automation System

Himanshu Patel, Hardik Modi


Home security is essential for occupant’s convenience and protection. At entry point the system should secured this is the main purpose to design this system .This paper aims to develop a low-cost means of home security system using sensors like motion sensor, PIR sensor etc. In this paper, The of  temperature sensor is used to sensed the room temperature and peripherals likes fan, bulb, etc. are used to demonstrate the temperature control.  The keypad is used to feed the password for system authentication. The light dependent resistor (LDR) resistor is used to measure the intensity of the light and based on that the mini bulb is controlled automatically. The motion sensor is used to detect the motion in room and automatically control the bulb. Thus the system ensures home security and automation using the various sensors.


PIR Sensor, LDR Sensor, Fuzzy System LCD, Microcontroller, Relay, Motor.

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